Concept Portable Scanner

Future technology Concept Portable Scanner
It’s a handheld scanner and printer all in one. This unique portable scanner concept allows users to directly scan and paste without the need of any photocopier or printer. This hand-held device has two buttons – one on the underside and one on the top. The underside button when pushed activates the scanner which can scan images or text. Once scanning is completed, pushing the top button activates the printerfunction and can be used to print directly on notebook or just any paper without the need of any external printer. So you literally Copy & Paste in a physical plane. This portable scanner concept will not only reduce paper usage but will also help to save energy and electronic waste in the long run. But I wonder how steadily you’d have to move your hand during the scanning process to make a decent pic.Future technology Concept Portable Scanner

Designers: Jayeong Yoon & Seulki Kim Future technology Concept Portable Scanner Future technology Concept Portable Scanner


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